TingTech LLC Reveals NFTing Marketplace Collaboration with Music Label, Archer Music Productions

2 min readApr 27, 2021


Connecticut, USA; April 27, 2021 — TingTech LLC, the maker of tingit, has announced its decision to officially launch a Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) platform with esteemed Russian music productions and distribution label, Archer Music Productions. The rollout is planned for Q3, 2021.

NFTs are tokenized digital assets tracked using blockchain to keep records of asset trading history, ownership certificates, authenticating uniqueness, and providing protection against duplication. This technology has allowed assets in the digital world to be bought and sold similarly to physical property.

This new initiative allows Archer Music to mint their own NFTs, and lets users bid to purchase NFT mementos from their favorite artist by using points earned from tingit’s new rewards system or directly from the marketplace via cryptocurrencies and fiat gateways. These unique souvenirs will include rare footage and virtual collectible objects that users and investors will be able to showcase and display from their mobile wallets, keychains and more. NFTs will be minted as unique prizes for engaging with the broader Archer Music ecosystem as a way to reward users, increase loyalty and drive user engagement.

Jim Mohen, CEO of TingTech LLC, commented, “As we take our first step into the world of NFT products, we begin with what matters most to our brand — celebrating fandom. Offering something that’s unique to superfans, fully owned by those who are truly passionate and backed by unshakeable blockchain technology, resonating deeply with our founding mission of pioneering next-generation engagement. We are excited to invite creators, fans, investors, and collectors to this new release, so we can make digital asset history together.”

About Archer Music Productions

Archer Music Productions is a top-tier Russian music and distribution label founded in 2012 by Aram and Tatiana Archer. The company manages over 100 artists including renown singer and entertainer, Olga Buzova. Other activities include concert and touring operations, product placement for brands in clips and films and brand awareness services through social media partnerships.

Visit: https://archer-music.ru

About TingTech LLC

Ting is at the forefront of audio-powered experiential tech to create unparalleled interactions between the user and their environment while staying true to brand values at its core. Our digital bridge to customers increases the contact points with your audience and monetizes their participation through televised programs, online content or live events.

Visit: https://tingtech.io




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