TingTech LLC Signs Partnership with Blockchain Company, SonoCoin LLC

2 min readMar 10, 2021


Connecticut, USA, March 10, 2021 — TingTech LLC and SonoCoin LLC have signed a partnership deal to bring audible cryptocurrency tokens to tingit, our flagship fan zone mobile application. This will help put TingTech LLC in a position to attract more users and customers. It is important to note that this partnership agreement is the direct result of over six months of successful collaborative efforts between both parties

SonoCoin is known in the blockchain industry for being the only cryptocurrency to use data-over-sound technology as a means of exchange. It’s unique delivery through encrypted soundwaves enables large-scale broadcasting of tokens across any device or channel compatible with sound. As of August 2020, SonoCoin 2.0 was released, marking a major breakthrough in smart contracts, mobile wallets and tokenization.

This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of elevating engagement through innovative technologies. We are pleased with tingits product development, recently listing the app on both major app stores for testing.

Developing a place for incentivized social interactions between brands, communities, influencers and their fans has been our focus and we believe this partnership will enhance our chances at delivering a truly unique experience.

A full the scope of our collaboration is necessary to implement future plans. As the plan unfolds TingTech LLC will deliver a regular updates and roadmaps on platform releases.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to pioneer next-generation engagement for brands, influencers and communities in the trillion-dollar blockchain industry. We believe this will also serve as an excellent bridge between mainstream brands and blockchain-centric initiatives. I look forward to a bright future with Leon Afanasyev and the SonoCoin team”, said Jim Mohen, CEO of TingTech LLC.

About SonoCoin LLC

SonoCoin is Swiss blockchain venture offering white-labeled data-over-sound solutions to enterprises based on its native blockchain protocol. The coin’s .WAV file format gives anyone the power to transmit value and information using simple methods of delivery such as sound (similar to Shazam), messenger, QR and Bluetooth, etc. SonoCoin’s blockchain platform is a “b-to-b-to-c” (b2b2c) model, where SonoCoin builds data-over-sound solutions for businesses upon its blockchain network.

Visit: https://sonocoin.io

About TingTech LLC

Ting is at the forefront of audio-powered experiential tech to create unparalleled interactions between the user and their environment while staying true to brand values at its core. Our digital bridge to customers increases the contact points with your audience and monetizes their participation through televised programs, online content or live events.

Visit: https://tingtech.io




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