TingTech LLC To Develop NFT Marketplace in Alliance with Blockchain Network, SonoCoin.

3 min readApr 1, 2021


Connecticut, USA, April 1, 2021 — We are thrilled to announce development of the NFTing marketplace. The NFT digital asset exchange will be introduced as branded websites with full integration to our fan zone engagement mobile app, tingit. As our involvement with SonoCoin evolves, we are committed to bring-forth a new suite of cutting-edge blockchain-driven engagement tools for our users.

The NFT space has been on fire with mainstream adoption rapidly growing. Examples such as NBA Top Shots, CryptoPunks and Sorare have given rise to a new phenomenon in the form of digital collectibles. According to NFT market tracker, Crytoslam.io, over $300 million USD of NFT sales have been recorded in the last 30 days. Although the market’s recent surge may likely cool-down in the short-to-medium term, we at TingTech see enormous growth for an NFT-as-a-Service industry.

In light of the skyrocketing demand of NFT assets by sports teams, consumer brands and influencers, tingit is perfectly positioned to combine both back-end and front-end functionality for non-technical delivery of blockchain minted collectibles.

Listed below are some of NFTing’s future characteristics:

  • NFT-as-a-Service — Our dashboard launchpad will allow projects to onboard branded content for custom NFT marketplaces.
  • Integration with tingit — The fan zone mobile platform will provide superfans multiple NFT distribution points including winning lotteries, answering quizzes correctly, and attedending geo-tagged events.
  • Cross-marketing influencer tools — Create and launch NFTs with brands hosted on tingit to influence both audiences and get higher levels of exposure.
  • Multiple NFT formats — Pictures, audio and video — all secured on the blockchain. Combine different formats in packs and collections.
  • Audible NFT delivery — Generate NFT sound-based assets for music and video integration recognizable by the tingit app frequency detector.

We are aiming to launch a limited beta version of NFTing in Q2 2021. More details will follow in the coming weeks.

About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is an open source blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. It’s native blockchain protocol hosts audible friendly tokens in the form of .WAV files, where encrypted sound waves can be a medium of delivery (similar to Shazam). Other more common transactions including addresses and QR codes also exist. By leveraging data-over-sound technology, any form of data, including digital value, images, videos and links can be broadcasted and captured by 1000’s of individuals simultaneously. Use-cases include token airdrops, incentivized engagement, and advertisements.

Visit: https://sonocoin.io

About TingTech LLC

Ting is at the forefront of audio-powered experiential tech to create unparalleled interactions between the user and their environment while staying true to brand values at its core. Our digital bridge to customers increases the contact points with your audience and monetizes their participation through televised programs, online content or live events.

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