Update: TingTech LLC to Launch Music NFT Platform, DROPmusic.io on July 15th

2 min readJun 30, 2021

Connecticut, USA; 30 June, 2021 — TingTech LLC announced that it will launch DROPmusic.io, a mobile-first digital record plaque NFTs platform and marketplace, natively integrated into its digital asset wallet at the end of the month.

DROPmusic as a platform, supports and encompasses the full breadth of dynamic NFTs — from upgrades and customization to exhibition and distribution. Recorded songs by world-renown artists will be recorded onto the SonoCoin blockchain, to be reinvented as unique, limited-edition pieces of musical art. Fans and collectors can easily browse and purchase NFT-based digital collectibles from dedicated web/mobile Fan Zone pages purchased directly from the artist or from secondary markets.

The NFT minting service by TingTech LLC makes creating and managing NFTs simple for everyone, while DROPmusic will accept and curate artists and creators on an invite-only basis. As the company accelerates its NFT ecosystem with Russian record label Archer Music Productions, the highly-anticipated release of DROPmusic is expected to revolutionize the gamification of upgradeable digital collectibles.

Comment from TingTech CEO, Jim Mohen, “DROPmusic offers easy access to experience limited-edition musical art in everyday life. Our vision is to facilitate an active interaction between artists and fans by lowering the barriers for appreciating and owning blockchain-based collectibles.”

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